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SEAM Presentations & Papers
VP8 Presentation (857k)*
SEAM Shroud Presentation (8.15MB)*
SEAM Informational Pamphlet (112k) (Español 98k)*
1977-08 VP8 Image Analyzer Brochure (396k)*
1977-08 CVC1 Image Analysis Camera (247k)*
2011-09-10 Why is the Shroud Important? (87.9k) (Español 72k)*
2014-10 St. Louis Circular Shading Study (5.2MB)*
2015-07-16 The Shroud And Zechariah, A Reflection (534k)*

Other Articles

08/20/2018 Science shows the media was wrong about Jesus
07/17/2017 New Evidence Bolsters Claim That Turin Shroud Was Used To Bury Christ*
10/05/2015 Science & the Shroud of Turin by Dr. Robert Spitzer*
10/05/2015 Uncovering the sources of DNA found on the Turin Shroud
07/09/2014 Reflections if Shroud is Anonymous Person by Yannick Clément (1.08MB)*
07/09/2014 Reflections If Shroud is Image of Christ by Yannick Clément (611k)*
07/09/2014 Thoughts on newly published paper by Rogers by Yannick Clément (537k)*
04/29/2014 10 Reasons the Shroud is Difficult to Dismiss
02/24/2014 Attempt to Explain the Bloodstains & Image by a Stochastic Process*
03/30/2013 Pope Francis on the Holy Shroud (51.6k)*
01/10/2013 Reflections on Ray Rogers Shroud Work by Yannick Clément (308k)*
11/25/2012 Cloning and the Shroud by Kelly P. Kearse
10/20/2012 Scorch Hypothesis Revisited by Thibault Heimburger (1.26MB)* (Français)
01/10/2013 Reflections on Ray Rogers Shroud Work by Yannick Clément (308k)*
07/30/2012 Recent Discoveries on The Turin Shroud
07/26/2012 Importance of the Bloodstains by Yannick Clément (504k)* Français (570k)* Español (450k)*
07/09/2012 Shroud Article excerpted from Tawa Catholic News by David Belz (551k)*
03/30/2012 Shroud Article excerpted from Tawa Catholic News by David Belz (759k)*
06/27/2011 Letter to Shroud Researchers by Francis DeSefano (234k)*
05/26/2011 Crucifix based on Shroud studies by Juan Manuel Miñarro (1.03MB) GRAPHIC*
12/20/2010 Pope Benedict XVI: Shroud and the Sick (168k)*
05/02/2010 Pope Benedict XVI meditation on Shroud (245k)*
02/24/2010 William Meachem: 2002 Restoration Evaluation (1MB)*
01/02/2010 Dr. Petrus Soons: McCrone's Iron Oxide Painting Hypothesis (149k)*
11/22/2009 Barrie Schwortz: Shroud Aramaic Writing (11k)*
10/07/2009 Barrie Schwortz: 2009 Shroud 'Reproduction' (9k)*
08/27/2008 Daniel Porter: Carbon 14 Dating Mistake (183k)*
08/04-17/2008 Ohio Shroud Conference Papers
08/01/2008 Benford/Marino: Discrepancies in Turin Shroud Dating Area (1.12MB)*
09/29/2004 STURP Chemist Ray Rogers: 2005 Thermochimica Acta 425, 189-194 (222k)*
01/06/2003 Rev. Dreisbach: Theological basis for sindonology & ecumenism (319k)*
11/02/2002 Daniel Porter: In-depth issue analysis of Shroud study (488k)*
08/13/2000 Pope John Paul II: Angelus address (6k)*
05/24/1998 Pope John Paul II: Address (12k)*
05/24/1998 Frederick T. Zugibe, MD, PhD: Pierre Barbet Revisited
After 1992 Frederick T. Zugibe, MD, PhD: Forensic & Clinical Knowledge of the Practice of Crucifixion
Before 1990
06/1989 Frederick T. Zugibe, MD, PhD: The Man of the Shroud was Washed
1978 STURP Test Plan (4.33MB)*
1977 JPL Historical Shroud Articles (117k)*
06/1934 Peter Rinaldi: The Holy Shroud (386k)*
1912 Catholic Encyclopedia: The Holy Shroud of Turin (119k)*
Undated "Last Word on McCrone" by Russ Breault
Undated Shroud & Sudarium Blood Agreement by Centro Internazionale di Sindonologia (C.I.S.) (282k)*

Visual Shroud Examinations
Examine the Shroud by Shroud.com & Barrie Schwortz - Permits one to view the ventral (frontal) image of the Shroud in a measure of detail.

Shroud Scope by Mario Latendresse (snippet from Dan Porter's Shroud of Turin Blog) - Shroud Scope, a Web interface to display high definition photographs of the Shroud of Turin, zoom-in and -out these photographs, activate overlays and do length measurements over...1931 Enrie (negative) photograph...and...2002 Durante...Both (have) vertical and horizontal (views).

2002 Durante Ventral & Dorsal Images - Very large Durante 2002 images permitting indepth image study.

Inspirational - Not Shroud Related (2 hrs)
Click to listen or save: Deepertruth: The Cynthia Cerny Story, A Story Of Hope (28MB)

Dcn Andy (Director & Webmaster), Dcn Pete (Founder)

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Presentations at Your Location
Dcn Pete Schumacher, VP8 Production Engineer from 1972-1978, and Dcn Andy Weiss, SEAM Director & Webmaster, are available to conduct Shroud presentations on-location (museum, church, school, etc.) tailored to the interests of your group. Presentations can focus on scientific, archeological, historical,religious, spiritual & other aspects. They can do a combined presentation & are available to lead on-location spiritual retreats. They will tailor presentation length to fit your needs. For more information or to schedule a presentation, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

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Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit offering a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make the Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

Shroud Exhibit And Museum, Inc., is a non-profit New Mexico corporation, IRS granted tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, listed in the Official Catholic Directory & sustained through your tax deductible donations & our wonderful volunteers. To volunteer to staff the museum, write grants or help in other ways, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

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