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Audio & Videos provided by SEAM, Pete Schumacher & Andy Weiss

Andy Weiss 2019 Image Modifcation Progression 2019 Image Modifcation Progression (434KB)
Andy Weiss 2019 Interview on KRQE in the Morning (4 mins) KRQE in the Morning article & interview
Pete Schumacher 2014 Deeper Truth Interview (1 hr 30 mins) Audio (21.4MB)
Pete Schumacher phone interview by Miracles Of Mary (25 mins) Audio (58.4MB)
VP8 Talk - Shroud Image Analysis, Impact & History (24 mins) Audio (18.6MB) or Video (219.5MB)

Other Shroud Audio & Videos

06/01/2010 Shroud of Turin Video Video
A Grave Injustice: The World's First Selfie (27 mins) Video
10/21/2012 Dr. Thomas DeWesselow, Art Historian, addresses the BSTS Video
11/03/2010 Dr. Petrus Soons letters on box below throat on Shroud image in 3D studies Video
Russ Breault Shroud Interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Radio Show 177 mins (40.5MB) Audio
Dr. Thomas De Wesselow, Cambridge art historian explains why Shroud image unlikely the work of an artist or forger (62 mins) Video
Russ Breault, Dr. John Jackson, Rebecca Jackson, Barrie Schwortz, and Dr. Cheryl White on News Radio 710 KEEL (45 mins) Audio
Barrie Schwortz Audio Interview on Roy Schoeman's Salvation is from the Jews Radio Show Part 1 (47 mins/43.6MB) & Part 2 (53 mins/49.3MB)
10/29/2019 Joe Marino Interview on Vocal Point (15 mins) Audio
02/09/2020 Relevant Radio (9:52 - 24:15) Audio
11/11/2020 Shroud of Turin by Jesse Simpson (electrical engineer) Video
03/18/2021 Interview with Dr. Kenneth Stevenson, former STURP member Audio

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