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Page History

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iSEAM Updates (newest on top)
2018-01-03 Updated all pages and added 2017 Events Archive pages
2017-03-18 Added multilingual Translate highlighting ability to translate all iSEAM pages
2017-01-07 Fixed coding errors, updated About Us & Page History Pages
2016-12-28 Narrowed & centered all mobile pages to improve the viewing experience
2016-12-28 Moved SEAM contact/location information to top of pages
2016-09-05 Updated Navigation Menu, Created News & Video Pages
2016-01-01 Updated All Pages with New Year & added 2015 Archive Pages
2015-07-18 Updated Pollen Study Information on Science & Full Presentations
2015-07-16 Added Webmaster Shroud & Zechariah Reflection
2015-01-01 Added 2014 Archive Pages
2014-04-21 Variety of updates to the Presentation
2014-01-01 Added 2013 Archive Pages
2013-01-11 Added Reflection on Ray Rogers Quotes by Yannick Clément
2013-01-01 Added 2012 Archive Pages
2012-12-28 Added several youtube available videos to the Library pages
2012-12-27 Removed Contacts & Privacy pages, incorporating them into others
2012-12-05 Added Fr. Peter Rindldi article from 1934
2012-10-28 Added several articles by Thibault Heimburger & David Belz
2012-07-26 After 3-months assistance, posted new original article by Yannick Clément
2012-07-22 Recovered after pages of entire site deleted
2012-04-21 Updated menu items to go from mobile version to full and back
2012-04-21 Added links to library pages about Blood & home pages about Barrie
2012-04-07 Updated Presentation breaking up Other into Scripture & Summary
2012-03-23 Made some coding changes and simplified some code
2012-03-17 Added Most Viewed Files PDF to the Archive for March 17, 2011-2012
2012-03-17 Created QUICK INFO link for easy access to event information
2012-03-12 Merged video & audio to Multimedia Library
2012-03-08 Merged Original & Translation into one set of pages
2012-02-09 Updated regular hours & added new upcoming events
2012-01-18 Created Mobile pages & menu items for better phone display
2012-01-11 Added 2011 Archive
2011-12-25 Added 2 scientific Shroud studies articles to Library
2011-12-04 Updated multi-file #8 Other Shroud Presentation
2011-08-28 Updated SEAM Presentation History section with timeline
2011-06-25 Modified original Spanish "The Christ" file for iSEAM
2011-06-11 Added multi-file Shroud Presentation of original
2011-06-09 Created visitor's countries PDF to Archive
2011-06-01 Reorganized Shroud Presentation for next phase
2011-05-27 44444 visit Friday, May 27, 2011 @ 7:41AM
2011-05-27 Added Guerreschi images & STURP info to Shroud Presentation v15
2011-05-23 Added higher quality images, Enrie & colorized Guerreschi photos
2011-05-21 Completely revamped menu, added inverse to pics pages
2011-05-18 Modified navigation buttons as transition to new buttons
2011-05-07 Added substantial, unique photos to Shroud Presentation
2011-05-04 Added Privacy & tPrivacy Policy
2011-04-16 Added Dr. Soons Pictures to Archive
2011-03-27 Added pollen studies to Shroud Presentation
2011-03-26 Added gradual head image enhancement to Pics
2011-03-26 Evaluated Vignon Markings in Shroud Presentation
2011-03-25 Added cardboard picture & Dr. Soons lectures
2011-03-24 Added pictures & info to Shroud Presentation
2011-02-27 Expanded information in SEAM Shroud Presentation
2011-02-20 Added more Shroud sites to Search
2011-02-19 Added enhanced contrast Dr. Soons' 3D still photo
2011-02-18 Updated Webpage Development History display
2011-02-02 Updated SEAM VP8 Presentation
2011-01-17 Created 2010 Events & tEvents Archive
2011-01-13 Substantially updated SEAM Shroud Presentation
2010-10-15 Created Shopping pages
2010-10-11 Added donate button supporting this free museum
2010-08-30 Created drop down list on Library & Page History
2010-08-08 Substantially updated SEAM Shroud Presentation
2010-08-03 Created Museum Tour
2010-05-30 Created & added SEAM VP8 Presentation
2010-05-27 Added sizes for PDF files
2010-05-13 Created Translate & Original buttons, added frontal negative pic
2010-05-01 Added CSS reducing page size
2010-04-26 Changed counter to Stat Counter
2010-04-21 Added SEAM Shroud of Turin Presentation
2010-04-20 Created identical Translate set of pages
2010-04-10 Created Multimedia Library
2010-02-07 Created 2009 Events Archive
2010-01-20 Added Google Translate
2009-12-25 Created VP8 Talk
2009-10-16 Added Amazing counter
2009-10-14 Created Inverse Pictures, Search & Events Archive pages
2009-09-12 Created Pictures & Contacts
2009-09-09 Created search capabilities on site
2009-09-04 Created navigation buttons & Links
2009-09-02 Published Home page with SEAM Information Pamphlet
2009-08-23 Created plans & initial version of ShroudNM.com

Dcn Andy (Director & Webmaster), Dcn Pete (Founder)

To schedule group tours in English, German & Spanish, use contacts above.

Presentations at Your Location
Dcn Pete Schumacher, VP8 Production Engineer from 1972-1978, and Dcn Andy Weiss, SEAM Director & Webmaster, are available to conduct Shroud presentations on-location (museum, church, school, etc.) tailored to the interests of your group. Presentations can focus on scientific, archeological, historical,religious, spiritual & other aspects. They can do a combined presentation & are available to lead on-location spiritual retreats. They will tailor presentation length to fit your needs. For more information or to schedule a presentation, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

About Us
Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit offering a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make the Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

Shroud Exhibit And Museum, Inc., is a non-profit New Mexico corporation, IRS granted tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, listed in the Official Catholic Directory & sustained through your tax deductible donations & our wonderful volunteers. To volunteer to staff the museum, write grants or help in other ways, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

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