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SEAM open for downtown artwalk December 20, 2014 (with other dates as we progressed below)

Move-in Talk December 06, 2014

Move-in Talk & Dcn Pete December 05, 2014
Nov 24th SEAM Move-in Status (296k)*
Nov 3rd SEAM Move-in Status (243k)*
Oct 26th SEAM New Location Preview (142k)*

St. Louis, MO Shroud Conference October 9-12, 2014
St. Louis, MO Shroud Conference Schedule

Marian Conference in Ozark, MO October 3-4, 2014
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SEAM moved out this day August 29, 2014
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Silver City, NM with Pete Schumacher May 31 - June 1, 2014
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SEAM, Alamogordo, NM with webmaster Andy Weiss April 16, 2014
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Calvary Chapel, Salt Lake City, UT with Pete Schumacher & Russ Breault March 21 & 22, 2014
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Foot of the Cross Church Youth Group, Ruidoso, NM March 15, 2014

St. Jude's Confirmation Class, Alamogordo, NM Cleaning Project March 15, 2014

SEAM Presentation at Ft. Bliss, Texas March 8, 2014
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SEAM Presentation at St. Ann's Parish, Deming, NM February 9, 2014
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SEAM Presentation at Holy Family Parish, Copperas Cove, TX January 25, 2014
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Dcn Andy (Director & Webmaster), Dcn Pete (Founder)

To schedule group tours in English, German & Spanish, use contacts above.

Presentations at Your Location
Dcn Pete Schumacher, VP8 Production Engineer from 1972-1978, and Dcn Andy Weiss, SEAM Director & Webmaster, are available to conduct Shroud presentations on-location (museum, church, school, etc.) tailored to the interests of your group. Presentations can focus on scientific, archeological, historical,religious, spiritual & other aspects. They can do a combined presentation & are available to lead on-location spiritual retreats. They will tailor presentation length to fit your needs. For more information or to schedule a presentation, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

About Us
Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit offering a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make the Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

Shroud Exhibit And Museum, Inc., is a non-profit New Mexico corporation, IRS granted tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, listed in the Official Catholic Directory & sustained through your tax deductible donations & our wonderful volunteers. To volunteer to staff the museum, write grants or help in other ways, use Dcn Pete or Dcn Andy contacts above.

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